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BeCode Bootcamps - Junior Web Developer, AI, DevSecOps


Since 2017, BeCode has been offering inclusive coding bootcamps for jobseekers to become developers in partnership with the French coding school Simplon. The educational programmes cover several technological areas: programming and coding, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity and aim to equip learners with future-proof skills, which meet the demands of the job market of tomorrow. BeCode's programmes are based on a pedagogical framework that combines theory with practice through a learning methodology in which each learner is the main driver of their training. At the same time, a major element of all of BeCode's programmes is interaction with local businesses and industry. Training programmes take place over the course of 7 months and are free of charge. They take place face-to-face in several cities in Belgium. 

All bootcamps include a final internship stage, in which learners can apply their newly-gained knowledge in practice. Internships can last from 1 to 3 months. The programmes are especially suitable for people outside of formal education, as they do not require a degree. Instead, motivation and eagerness to learn are considered decisive factors for successful applications. 

Junior Web Developer

Over the course of this 7-month long bootcamp, participants will gain the necessary knowledge to work in web development as a junior developer. The training focuses on equipping learners with the skills to manage frontend or backend development. They will also learn how to build websites and web applications and learn the programming language of JavaScript from scratch. 

  • Apply for the Junior Web Developer Bootcamp here
  • The training is offered in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi, and Liège.

AI Bootcamp

Through BeCode's AI Bootcamp, learners can become Artificial Intelligence (AI) operators in less than a year. The aim of this bootcamp is to tackle the skills mismatch between organisations and the general public - by encouraging more Belgian citizens to embark on a career in AI and machine learning and improving the overall talent pool within the information and communication technology (ICT) sphere. 

Upon successful completion of the AI Bootcamp, learners will understand the basic principles of machine and deep learning and improve their understanding of algorithms and data science. Ultimately, the aim of the bootcamp is also to teach participants how to collect, analyse and understand data, in order to make predictions using AI and machine learning algorithms. One particular feature of the programme is its career orientation: learners have the chance to zoom in on particular occupations, roles and professions within each field. They also have an opportunity to discuss in detail tasks and specifics pertaining to each role: what is a machine learning engineer; what is the role of data scientists; what is the path towards becoming a data analyst. 

Other topics covered by the programme include: deep learning, natural language processing (understanding of the natural human language), computer vision (object recognition / tracking), chatbots, and many others. Some knowledge is needed to participate, including some basic understanding of programming, intermediate knowledge of English, as well as basic knowledge of mathematics. 

  • Find more information and register for the AI Bootcamp via this link. 
  • The training is offered in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi, and Liège.

DevOps/ SecOps / System Administrator

The DevOps/ SecOps & Sys Admin Bootcamp's aim is to bridge the gap between demand and supply on a national level through training on essential network security and database administration skills. Learners are introduced to the various roles, which exist in this domain such as: system administrators, i.e. the people in charge of configuring, managing and monitoring computer systems; security specialists (or those with general understanding of computer systems); DevOps specialists (who are involved throughout each project's life cycle), CloudOps engineers (i.e. system administrators who focus on cloud technologies). 

Upon successful completion of the bootcamp, learners will gain the fundamental knowledge, needed to work in the field, improve their abilities to detect breaches and bugs, and gain an improved understanding of problem-solving at each stage of the development process. Other topics include: the programming language Python, cloud and data, web API (application programming interface) management, server fundamentals, shell scripting and others. 

  • Find more information and register for DevOps/ SecOps / System Administrator here.
  • The training is offered in Brussels. 

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