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The Cybersecurity Landscape

The Cybersecurity Landscape is Coventry University's course on the risks, challenges and opportunities one can encounter in the area of cybersecurity. The course is ideal for anyone, interested in understanding more about the global cybersecurity landscape. It is also suitable for organisations and employees as it offers practical tips on how to protect an organisation from cyber attacks. This online course is part of the wider programme Digital Security Risk (one of the building blocks towards the online degree Master of Business Administration (Cyber Security Management).

Topics and aims of this course

The aim of the course is to improve knowledge of the most common cybersecurity threats, explore emerging cybersecurity risks, and zoom in the types of cyber attacks and the potential damage this could have on organisations and businesses. Some of the topics students in this course will cover include: 

  • Current and emerging security implications for individuals and organisations
  • Networks and security, loss of the traditional LAN and LAN perimeter
  • Consumerisation of corporate technology through apps, tablets and smartphones
  • Client-side threats, web-server security, web-applications security
  • Operating system security
  • Concepts, problems and issues related to modern technologies

The course takes 2 weeks to complete and requires an average time commitment of 3 hours per week. It is available fully online and is self-paced, meaning that it can be taken at the time, place and device most suitable for you. 

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, learners will improve their understanding of the main cybersecurity threats and principles in an organisational context. They will also learn how to implement network and cyber security strategies and be able to discuss recent developments and the changing landscape of cyber threats. Participants should also be able to apply their knowledge and provide examples on cybersecurity management and implementation from different business areas, such as IT, security, finance, accounting, human resources, and others. Finally, learners will also be able to list appropriate techniques to protect one's organisation (and employees) from targeted cyber attacks.

Training Offer Details

Target audience
Digital skills in education.
Digital skills for all
Digital technology / specialisation
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Geographic scope - Country
Industry - field of education and training
Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) not further defined
Database and network design and administration
Software and applications development and analysis
Target language
Geographical sphere
International initiative
Typology of training opportunties
Learning activity
e-learning coursework
Assessment type
Training duration
Is this course free
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Part time light
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Self-paced course