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Deggendorf Institute of Technology Master of Science in High Performance Computing/Quantum Computing

The Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT) is offering a Master's Degree in High Performance Computing (HPC) and Quantum Computing (QC). This programme is taught entirely in English to ensure graduates are ready to enter the professional world. Students can expect to find support throughout this programme from industry and peer institutions to help them understand the rapidly evolving advances of quantum systems. 

This programme spans over three semesters and confers successful students with a Master of Science degree. 

Academic programme

The following courses will be taken by students over the three semesters.

Semester 1

  • Physics for HPC/QC
  • Software Engineering
  • HPC/QC Programming Lab
  • HPC/QC Technology
  • Advanced Mathematics for HPC/QC
  • Elective subject in accordance with study coordinator

Semester 2

  • Computer Architectures for HPC/QC
  • Networks for HPC/QC
  • Optimisation Methods
  • HPC/QC Infrastructure
  • System Design and Applicaiton of HPC/QC Systems
  • Advanced Mathematics and Physics for HPC/QC

Semester 3

  • Elective subject in accordance with study coordinator
  • Master colloquium
  • Master thesis


Prospective students must have a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Physics, Technology or a related subject. An assessment test will also be administered and students must succeed at this test to be admitted. Finally students must possess an English level B2, should English not be a student's native language proof of English skills is necessary. 

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