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University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence

The University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest (UPB) is offering a two-year Master of Science programme in Artificial Intelligence (AI). This programme will be taught entirely in English and will cover various aspects of AI including: AI and intelligent applications, distributed problem solving, games and strategies, intelligent agents and their applications, social networks, search and filtering of information on the Web, data mining, innovative ways to represent and use data, natural language processing.

As part of this programme, students will have the opportunity to take part in research activities as well as internships in companies. The potential research activities include an EU-funded programme entitled "Support for a successful career in AI", cooperation with the Serious Games Institute, scholarships in other European universities namely UPMC, ENPSE, Utrecht University, PolytechMontpellier, UPC Barcelona Tech, PolytechNantes, Turku University. Internships can take place in the Digital Optics Corporation, Aquasoft, TeamNet, and Gemini Solutions.

Programme structure and content

The programme is spread across four semesters with the final semester dedicated to the research and compilation of a Master Thesis. Below is an indication of the curriculum:

  • Semester one
    • Knowledge representation and reasoning
    • Type systems and functional programming
    • Data mining
    • Computer vision or one elective of the other programmes
  • Semester two
    • Multi-agent systems
    • Natural language processing
    • Symbolic and statistical learning
    • Elective
  • Semester three
    • Self-organising systems
    • Neural networks
    • Software verification and validation
    • Elective
  • Semester four
    • Research activities and development of master thesis


Applicants will need to hold a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Systems Engineering, Informatics, Mathematics or a related area. In order to be admitted to this degree, applicants will need to undertake an admission examination. Foreign students' applications will be considered based on the curriculum content of their Bachelor's degree and academic performance.

Training Offer Details

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Digital skills for ICT professionals and other digital experts.
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