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Master's Degree in High Performance Computing (Politecnico of Milan)

The Politecnico of Milan offers a Master's Degree in High Performance Computing (HPC) spanning over two years and awarding 120 ECTS credits. Upon its completion, it confers onto the graduate the Laurea Magistrale/Master's Degree status.

About the programme

This programme splits out its courses across two years with the first year focusing on parallel computing and programming, high-performance parallel processors, cloud infrastructures and data centers, numerical analysis and applied statistics. The second year focuses on Quantum Computing and heterogeneous HPC systems based on accelerators (GPUs and tensor cores). Alongside these classes, students will also have to demonstrate work focused on applying HPC in various engineering domains to earn 20 credits as well as a final thesis that is also worth 20 credits. The thesis can be carried out within an industry-oriented context or internationally.

Career opportunities

Graduates of this programme have various career opportunities open to them upon completing this programme. Information technology companies or companies specialised in complex computational problems may seek out graduates from this programme. Graduates of this programme, and after passing the Italian State Exam, may access the Class of Information Engineering (Ingegneria dell'Informazione), Section A of the National Professional Register of Engineers, with the title of Engineer. Finally, graduates can look to undertaking further studies including Ph.D programmes, second level Specialisation Courses, and second level University Masters.


Prospective students of the Politecnico of Milan Master's Degree in High Performance Computing must have a Bachelor's Degree or Laurea Triennale in one of the following subjects: Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computing Systems Engineering, Industrial Engineering or Computer Science. Students who have completed one of the Politecnico of Milano's continuity Laurea Triennale programmes, namely in Computer Engineering, Mathematical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Automation Engineering, or Physics Engineering, with at least 105 credits and an average score of 24/30 by their second year of studies and who obtain the degree in four years after their first enrolment will be automatically admitted. Students who are not automatically admitted will have their applications reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

All candidates, even those who were enrolled in one of the Politecnico's programmes, must follow the admissions procedure

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