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Europeana Space: Creative with Digital Heritage

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'Europeana Space: Creative with Digital Heritage' is a course that bridges digital and cultural heritage. This digital heritage is now increasingly accessible online through online repositories such as Europeana. The MOOC is based on the Europeana Space project, funded via the European Union's ICT Policy Support Programme as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme. 

This course teaches participants the different ways to engage with, and reuse, the wealth of digital heritage and become an active user of this content. This includes knowing know to use, reuse, remix and reinvent digital content so it fits your purposes - whether this is research, lessons or development. It is for everyone: from students to teachers, as well as those with an interest in cultural heritage. 

As the online availability of digital cultural heritage continues to grow, it becomes more and more important that users, from passive readers, learn to become active re-users. The mission of this course is to share the creative ways with which people use and re-use Europeana and digital cultural content, to demonstrate what Europeana can bring to the learning community, and to bring about the essential concept that cultural content is not just to contemplate, but to live and engage with.

The course's contents are archived, but the material is available for free online. 

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