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Getting Started with the Web

Getting Started with the Web is a concise series designed to introduce newcomers to web development. The series focuses on practical aspects and guides readers through the process of creating a simple webpage and publishing their own code online. Starting small is encouraged for those new to web development, emphasizing that one doesn't need to build complex websites like Facebook right away.

The guides cover various essential topics. Each article provides a beginner-friendly overview of these topics, allowing readers to get familiar with the necessary tools and languages:

  • Installing Basic Software: step-by-step guide to install essential web development tools.
  • What Will Your Website Look Like?: outline a simple method to plan website content and design.
  • Dealing with files: organize website files into a sensible structure and file management tips.
  • HTML Basics: introduction to HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and its role in web content.
  • CSS Basics: introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and website styling techniques.
  • JavaScript Basics: introduction to JavaScript for adding interactive features to websites.
  • Publishing your sample code: guide to putting your created website code online for public access.
  • How the web works: overview of the background processes when viewing a webpage.

After completing the guides and organizing the code and files for the website, the series explains how to publish the sample code online with minimum effort. Additionally, it outlines how the web works in the background when a user accesses a webpage.

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