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iLabX – The Internet Masterclass

Single offer

iLabX – The Internet Masterclass – is a free online course, designed by the Technische Universität München (TUM), which will guide participants to the functioning of the Internet thanks to a recognised learning methodology. The Internet connects everything, from people to machines, in all areas, from the art world to the stock exchange, everywhere on this planet and beyond. But how does it work? Following this engaging course will permit you to understand this and the computer science behind it.

The course can be followed at your own path and is divided into 6 modules, that will go through the main topics behind the functioning of the Internet, namely:

  • What exactly happens when you open a website in your browser or send a chat message to a friend
  • How to set up a webserver yourself
  • How the ongoing transition between the “old” Internet version and its current successor can be so seamless
  • Key security concepts

Programme and learning method

Each module first introduces the background of the relevant mechanisms and tools. After learning the concepts through videos, texts, and diverse interactive learning elements, you will build your own fully-functional Internet. Participants will have the chance to use the same tools that also power the big Internet, in the special vLab virtual Internet laboratory.

There are no particular prerequisites to follow this course, but a basic knowledge of computer science is beneficial. Also, a background in computer networks is not required but will make you progress faster.

Training Offer Details

Target audience
Digital skills for all
Digital technology / specialisation
Digital skill level
Geographic scope - Country
Industry - field of education and training
Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) not further defined
Computer use
Software and applications development and analysis
Target language
Geographical sphere
International initiative
Typology of training opportunties
Learning activity
e-learning coursework
Assessment type
Training duration
Is this course free
Is the certificate / credential free
Part time light
Self-paced course