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University of Salamanca Master in Blockchain and Smart Contracts

About the degree

Cryptocurrencies and their recent rise in prominence have brought attention to the technology most employ to function: Blockchain. This technology has different features including data storage, data transmission, and data confirmation which the students will learn about during this programme. The University of Salamanca (USAL) is offering a Master's Degree in Blockchain and Smart Contracts that aims to equip students with both skills and knowledge pertaining to Smart Contracts, cryptocurrency, blockchains and related technologies. As part of this programme, students will have to undertake an internship or labour exchange which can be completed in-person or online in collaboration with the IoT Digital Innovation Hub along with writing a master's thesis.

Study programme

The study programme is broken down into the following units:

  • Cryptography
    • Introduction: Mathematics, primitives and cryptographic asymmetry
    • Public and private keys
  • Distributed systems, P2P and Consensus Algorithms
    • Distributed and P2P systems
    • Distributed systems, P2P and consensus algorithms
    • Security and vulnerabilities
  • Blockchain platforms
    • General concepts: definition, types, benefits and limitations
    • Use cases related to Blockchain
    • Architecture and physical environments
  • Blockchain platforms
    • Ethereum and Hyperledger
    • Hyperledger Fabric and Tools
  • Programming of crypto-economic algorithms
    • Operation of cryptocurrency, means of payment
    • Machine learning and algorithmic methods
  • Decentralised systems and smart contracts
    • Concept and characteristics of Smart Contracts
  • Blockchain and IoT
    • Basic concepts of IoT and the use of Blockchain with IoT
    • Use cases and application examples
  • Legal aspects
    • Legal aspects of Blockchain, Bitcoin and Smart Contracts

Admission requirements

Prospective students for this degree must have an official Spanish university degree or one issued by a higher education institute in the European Higher Education Area. Students who hold a degree from outside of the European Higher Education Area will have their degree's equivalence established directly by the University of Salamanca.


Training Offer Details

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Digital skills for ICT professionals and other digital experts.
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