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Are you involved in shaping a stronger digital future for Europe? Are you keen to learn more about the needs of organisations and individuals? The Digital Skills and Jobs Platform offers high-quality information and resources to help you engage with those on the business and organisational side of policy, giving you invaluable insights on its impact. 

As the first step, we encourage you to visit our EU initiatives and National strategies sections to gain an overview of the European digital landscape and ongoing actions aimed at boosting digital transformation. Additionally, make sure to explore our Inspiration section and learn more about good practices and research related to digital skills and jobs. 

By joining the Platform's Community, you can stay in direct contact with those whom digital policy impacts on a daily basis. You will be able to engage with SMEs, jobseekers, training providers and other members, follow their discussions and review promoted ideas and initiatives. 

If you want to see how digital change is directly affecting the skills needs of organisations and individuals, have a look at our training catalogue, which gives a glimpse into how employees and jobseekers are preparing for future roles. 

Moreover, the Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL) is investing in learning and training opportunities in Advanced Digital Skills, Data, AI, Cloud, Quantum Communication Infrastructure, and deployment activities for the best use of these technologies. Find out the three new calls under DIGITAL Programme that tackle advanced digital skills, providing support to the development of new Specialised education programmes and short-term training courses on key digital areas.

Finally, key reports on digital innovation, employment, and skills will inform you of key changes and trends in the ICT sector. Our Latest section, on the other hand, will keep you up to date with news, events and opinions evolving around the topic of digital skills and jobs.