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Digital solutions have transformed the way we work and do business in today’s world. An ever-increasing number of available digital tools makes it easier than ever to start your own business and allows companies to become more efficient, innovative and responsive to clients’ needs. These possibilities, however, come with a catch: a constant need to keep up with the newest technologies and regularly upskill your organisation to stay competitive on the market.

Not to worry - the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform is a good place to start. If you’re committed to the principle of lifelong learning, the Platform’s training catalogue will surely catch your eye. Thanks to a wide variety of high-quality training opportunities, you will be able to find suitable courses that could enhance your organisation’s digital know-how and performance.

Additional information about the top digital technologies and their applications is shared in numerous articles and expert opinions. You can also browse through the Actions section to get inspired by initiatives implemented at both EU and national levels. Finally, reports and statistics featured on the platform will provide you with valuable data and the newest digital skills trends, helping you to recruit new tech-savvy employees with the right skillset and understand which areas to focus on when upskilling your staff.

Finally, the Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL) is investing in learning and training opportunities in Advanced Digital Skills, Data, AI, Cloud, Quantum Communication Infrastructure, and deployment activities for the best use of these technologies. Find out the three new calls under DIGITAL Programme that tackle advanced digital skills, providing support to the development of new Specialised education programmes and short-term training courses on key digital areas.

Don’t forget to join the Platform's Community to network, exchange opinions and best practices with peers, and learn from experts.