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National Coalitions

The Spanish National Coalition was launched in July 2017 and gathers more than 200 stakeholders such as IT companies, education and training institutions, trade unions, foundations, associations and governmental organisations, coordinated by AMETIC - Association of Electronics, Information and Communications Technologies, Telecommunications and Digital Content Companies of Spain.


The Coalition aims to host under the same umbrella to all relevant stakeholders who want to commit to reducing the gap between supply and demand for digital talent, such as National and regional representatives of academia, education sectors, industry, the public service, the not-for-profit sector. AMETIC has been the national point of contact for the E-Skills for Jobs campaign for five editions and is currently in Spain the role of technical secretariat of the Spanish coalition. 


We are focusing on the employability of the workforce and to promote digital skills among workers and citizens to reach a successful digitalisation of economy. The coalition also focuses on the dissemination and awareness of digital skills in the Spanish society, among the actions carried out is the celebration of the Digital Skills Awards Spain. 

National coalition details

Target audience
Digital skills for the labour force.
Digital skills for ICT professionals and other digital experts.
Digital skills in education.
Digital skills for all
Digital skill level
Geographic scope - Country
Target language
NC priorities

The Spanish Coalition has succeded in bringing together the different stakeholders for digital skills, and cooperates with the Public Administration in activities related with the promotion of digital skills. Some of our priorities are:

  • Improving the level of digital skills in Spain and Europe.

  • Providing upskilling and reskilling opportunities. 

  • Collaboration in European projects which promote and enhance digital skills.

  • Creating and developing an ecosystem and network and attracting more members. 

  • Maintaining contact with public administration bodies. 

  • Promoting the sending of 'pledges', or actions and initiatives by companies and public institutions that aim to bridge the digital skills for one (or more) target groups. 

  • Offering access and information on funding opportunities on both European and national level. 

  • Enhancing communication through the use of social media and make its messages targeted and effective. 

  • Resolving queries and provide information on a variety of topics.

NC coordinator
NC partners

More than 200 organizations are part of the Coalition, among which are companies, public administrations, training centres and universities.