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European Initiatives

The project “Building a National Platform for Digital Skills and Occupations” connects the members of the Slovak Digital Coalition to the European Digital Coalition. The aim of this project is to promote cooperation and share best practices between countries across a wide range of areas.

Aim of the project: fostering digital collaboration 

At the turn of 21/22, we launched a project from the Connecting Europe Facility-TC-2019-2 EU call to create a pan-European communication platform for digital coalitions. The project aimed to create a web platform to connect the members of the Slovak Digital Coalition, including with the European Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition to open up digital training opportunities and finance their activities. The project can work together and share good practices across different areas. We will offer services to a wide audience, including the European Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. Together with the websites managed by the national coalitions, this will make the web platform a key digital service infrastructure to boost digital skills in Europe.

Thanks to the European platform, we have established cross-border partnerships and participated in a series of events of the three National Digital Coalitions – Slovak, Czech and Slovenian, called Girls & ICT – to raise awareness and encourage young people, especially girls, to achieve the opportunities offered by digitalisation, digital transformation and the information and communication technology sector. 12 interesting women with inspirational stories about their career paths were presented individually on international webinars.

Initiative Details

Target audience
Digital skills for all
Digital technology / specialisation
Geographic scope - Country
Industry - field of education and training
Generic programmes and qualifications not further defined
Geographical sphere
EU institutional initiative