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Good Practices

About the project

The“Digital Centre of Slovenia”project, which took place during Slovenia’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2021, represents an excellent example of good practice in promoting digital transformation, innovation and integration between different sectors. The project was extremely well-structured and focused on the promotion and development of digital technologies and their applications across different industries.

The project was designed in a comprehensive and substantive manner and was divided into 6 themes: 

  • smart cities and communities;
  • sustainable society and economy;
  • artificial Intelligence,
  • 5G and cybersecurity and industry
  • 4.0 and robotics

Why is this a good practice

Slovenia’s Digital Centre included cooperation between different sectors, including business, science, technology and public administration. The organization of over 140 digital transformation events has enabled a wide range of people, from experts to the general public, to learn about current trends, solutions and practices in the field of digitalisation. This has contributed to raising awareness and understanding of the importance of digital transformation. The project enabled companies active in digital technologies to participate actively andbrought them together with potential customers, partners and investors.

As the project took place during the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, Slovenia was given international visibility and visibility. However, participation in the World Expo Dubai 2021enabled Slovenia’s innovations and achievements to be highlighted to a wider international audience.

Taken together, the “Digital Centre of Slovenia” is an excellent example of good practice, bringing together a number of key elements of a successful project: integrated design, interdisciplinarity, innovation, international visibility and sustainable implementation. The project stimulated the growth and development of the digital economy, raised awareness of the importance of digital transformation and contributed to strengthening Slovenia’s position in the global technological environment.

Good practice details

Target audience
Digital skills for the labour force.
Digital skills for ICT professionals and other digital experts.
Digital skills in education.
Digital skills for all
Digital skill level
Geographic scope - Country
Industry - field of education and training
Generic programmes and qualifications not further defined
Geographical sphere
EU institutional initiative
Type of funding