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The Future Classroom Toolkit is an innovative collection of tools, guidance and resources developed in the framework of the Future Classroom Lab (FCL), an initiative of European Schoolnet. The toolkit offers an opportunity to imagine future classroom scenarios, and the different ways in which advanced and innovative learning can be brought to the classroom. The resources included in the toolkit allow teachers, school leaders, education policymakers and technology suppliers to design these Future Classroom Scenarios - a narrative description of teaching and learning that provides a clear vision for innovation and advanced pedagogical practice supported by technology. 

The toolkit consists of five toolsets that guide participants through the steps necessary to design a future learning or teaching scenario - and find the best way to bring innovation a little closer to the classroom. And by classroom, the toolkit means any space in which learning happens. Those who take the course, will understand how to identify stakeholders and potential partners and understand the latest digital trends in learning and teaching. They will gain skills in modelling a future classroom and experience in building scenarios for more innovative learning. Other toolsets offer an overview of learning activities and how to construct these, and provide information on assessing and evaluating processes in the classroom.

One strength of the toolkit is its adaptability: it can be designed to fit various contexts and needs; and can be used by a variety of stakeholders, regardless of the target audience's size. The Future Classroom Toolkit is not only a step-by-step guide to innovation in the classroom - but also a reminder that innovation can happen anywhere - whether in the space of a single classroom, a school, or the wider education system.

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A range of guidance materials, ICT tools and other resources to guide users through a complete change management process. This methodology ensures that the deployment of ICT in schools is informed by a clear vision of the future classroom and that advanced pedagogical approaches are adopted. The process of creating a Future Classroom Scenario can be understood in three stages:

  • Stage 1 – Development of Inspirational Future Classroom Scenarios
  • Stage 2 – Designing Innovative Learning Activities
  • Stage 3 – Piloting and evaluating Learning Activities
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