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Spoofy is a free, downloadable online game for Finnish primary school pupils that teaches them to protect against online threats such as cyberbullying and spoof messages. It is an entertaining and exciting tool that helps kids learn basic digital safety skills concerning for example passwords, privacy and online etiquette. The game has been developed in the framework of the 2021 edition of the European Cyber Security Month (ECSM)

By enjoying an online game, which can be downloaded to any mobile device, young pupils will be enabled to identify threats relating to digital safety and teaches how to protect against them. The game features a character, Spoofy, who is a superhero of everyday life, who helps family and friends in problems arising in the cyber world. In this way, kids are engaged in the game by learning actively on cyber threats.

The game works both on mobile phones and tablets and is in Finnish.

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An online teaching game in cybersecurity

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