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Bologna Business School Master in Finance and Fintech

About the programme

This programme is offered by the Bologna Business School, established by the University of Bologna. The digital transformation is disrupting and changing the financial market requiring professionals to have a new skillset to respond it. This programme aims to equip students with a combination of traditional financial skills infused with a deep understanding of new digital technologies such blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data analytics. Graduates of this programme will act as the bridge between management and computer scientists leading to the development of new digital financial businesses.

This programme is designed for graduate students with an excellent knowledge of English as the programme is fully taught in English. Additionally, students must have a strong interest in the financial technology ("fintech"). This one-year programme has two classroom-based terms and concludes with a 500-hour internship. The internship can be carried at various companies and agencies in Italy or abroad.


The curriculum for this programme is made up of 1500 hours of learning activities spread over 12 months of study. Around 400 hours of lecturing, 600 hours of independent study and 500 hours of internship can be expected. Pre-courses in DBMS Systems and SQL language, Exploratory data analysis and principles of programming (Python language) are offered at the start of the academic schedule. Below is a list of courses to expect over the 12 months of study:

  • Banking and regulation
  • Behavioural finance
  • Data mining
  • Digital economics
  • Entrepreneurial finance
  • Financial markets and instruments
  • Fundamentals of artificial intelligence
  • Fundamentals of cyber security
  • Trends in the Fintech industry
  • Law and tech
  • Risk management and derivatives
  • Customer and marketing analytics
  • Performance measurement system
  • Insurance management
  • Neural networks and deep learning
  • Digital transformation
  • Business ethics and sustainability
  • Statistics and data analysis


Prospective students must hold a Bachelor's degree or an equivalent diploma. Additionally, applicants must be able to demonstrate sufficient English proficiency.

Training Offer Details

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Digital skills for the labour force.
Digital skills for ICT professionals and other digital experts.
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Finance, banking and insurance
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