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Business Implications of AI

Single offer

Business Implications of AI is a short course, developed by EIT Digital, Europe's largest innovation community, and the KTH Executive School in Sweden. The aim of the course is to offer a comprehensive overview on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the context of leadership and decision-making and provide participants with the tools necessary to drive the uptake of AI within their business operations. 

Targeting business executives, leaders, and professionals from various industries applying AI methods on a managerial level, the course takes 2 days and a half to complete and has two intakes, each Spring and Autumn. Depending on the time of enrolment, the course can be offered fully online or via a blended approach combining online education with live classes.

Themes and topics covered by the course include: specific demands and needs of AI in terms of business processes, means of evaluation of processes and methods, and tips on maximising the benefits of the technology and its application within different contexts. Learners also have an opportunity to discover how to integrate AI methods within business decisions more effectively and discover how to maximise the trade-off between investment in AI solutions and business development. Upon successful completion, participants receive a joint digital certificate of completion by EIT Digital and KTH Executive School joint digital certificate of completion

The course requires a fee to participate with a discount available for early registrations. A short, 'nano' version of the course can also be audited for free on EIT Digital's page on the Coursera learning platform, with 2 hours of total study time needed for completion. 

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