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Data Visualisation Online Course

Single offer

The Data Visualisation Online Course is offered through the EU Academy platform, and it aims to strengthen overall leadership, innovation and skills building in employees within the public sector.

The EU Academy is a online hub, launched by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) and the Directorate-General for Informatics of the European Commission, to provide educational resources, trainings and insights by the European institutions to employees within the public sector, local and regional administrations, and national governments and agencies. EU Academy's trainings cover virtually all policymaking sectors - from agriculture and food, to health, digital, data, human rights and many others. The platform also offers options for citizens and professionals to gain new skills and pass them on through sharing of knowledge and good practices with other European experts and stakeholders.

The objective of the Data Visualisation course is to equip participants with a solid understanding of data visualisation (i.e. the graphical representation of information and data) and the main techniques, processes and approaches utilised in this field (maps, timelines, charts, graphs and others). The online course covers several topics central to data visualisation on an introductory level: data visualisation techniques in publications, storytelling approaches combined with chart design skills, and essential elements of data visualisation approaches. Equipped with the basic skills needed to visualise data in different contexts, participants also have an opportunity to touch upon non-standard data visualisation and improve their ability to identify the most suitable method depending on each particular situation.

The course is free of charge and it's offered entirely online. With content organised across 6 sections, the Data Visualisation Online Course can be completed within several hours.

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