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xAIM: eXplainable Artificial Intelligence in healthcare Management

logo of the xAIM project with a human head silhouette and a half cyborg brain

xAIM (eXplainable Artificial Intelligence in healthcare Management) is an online Master program aiming to create an interdisciplinary environment where students are trained to work at the intersection of Data Science, AI and Healthcare. Students will learn the fundamentals of Machine Learning and Data Science so that they can handle and analyse large, heterogeneous and complex datasets representative of the healthcare sector.

Concepts from the health sector are taught to further their understanding and to enable them to interpret the data and results. The entire program will put a strong focus on the current state of the art and possible future AI applications in healthcare, as an important goal of the master’s program is to provide practical knowledge and the ability to apply the acquired skills. To complete the curriculum, there will be a strong emphasis on ethical and social implications of AI applications.

xAIM was funded by the European Union under theConnecting Europe Facility (CEF), and has been developed by 4 Universities: the University of Pavia, the Goethe University (Germany), Keele University (UK), Leibniz University Hannover (Germany) and the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia).

The admission criteria are one of the two following:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Biomedicine, Life Sciences, Health Care or a closely related subject, alternatively graduation in medicine
  • Bachelor’s degree in Data Science, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Management or a closely related subject

Additionally, each applicant has to provide evidence of:

  • Knowledge of the English language at a level no lower than level B2 of the CEF (Common European Framework)

The applications close on June 30 2022, for more information you can visit the website of the xAIM project

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