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Czech Republic

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic ranks 19th out of 27 EU Member States in the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) 2022, with a strong performance in the Human Capital dimension. The country has made progress in Digital Public Services and Connectivity, but its ranking in the Integration of Digital Technology has worsened. 

 To address these challenges, the Czech National Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs (DigiKoalice) has been established, consisting of over 200 member organizations from various sectors. The country has implemented state strategies like the Innovation Strategy and National Artificial Intelligence Strategy to promote digital development. 

Furthermore, the Education Policy Strategy for 2030 aims to modernize the educational system and includes upskilling and reskilling efforts. In the context of the country's Recovery and Resilience Plan, 22% of EUR 7 billion in grants is allocated to foster the digital transition, supporting the country's recovery and preparing for green and digital transitions. 

DigiKoalice offers valuable resources, such as an events calendar, digital skills courses, and best practices in IT skills development, all focused on promoting Digital Skills and Jobs. Additionally, the non-profit organization Czechitas plays a role in enhancing digital skills among women, girls, and the younger generation, with their New Generation program benefiting over 20,000 participants and offering scholarships to female students. 

Score in DESI Report Human Capital
EU average score: 48.45
Czech republic score: 45.6
48.45 EU average score
45.6 Country score
20 35

The Czech Republic ranks 19th in Human Capital out of 27 EU Member States in the 2022 edition of the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), with a score of 45.6.

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