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Prefet Academy Week

Virtual Live

A Prefet Academy week is a 4-days-long training which is offered by the European Commission within its EU Academy initiative.The EU Academy is an EU-owned online hub which contains first-hand knowledge, high quality educational resources and valuable insights, directly produced by the EU institutions.

A Prefet Academy training will allow participants to:

  • Reflect on (emerging) tech key principles;
  • Enable a debate on a future scenario of 'Dreams and Nightmares for Europe'
  • Discuss the Responsible Research and Innovation dimensions and consider them in relation to the 'dreams for Europe'
  • Increase the understanding of emerging technologies and gather intersting practical information from the key experts in this field.

The targeted groups for this event are researchers of future and emerging technologies based on deep science or any other researchers looking to engage stakeholders around their research, as well as researchers concerned not only about tech but about its societal impact and ethics, other stakeholders and policymakers, regulators.

The training will take place on the 27-30 of October.

If you are interested - you can enroll for free HERE.


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Target audience
Digital skills for ICT professionals and other digital experts.
Digital skills in education.
Digital technology / specialisation
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Industry - field of education and training
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EU institutional initiative
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Virtual Live