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Discover your dream job in digital!

Discover your dream job in digital!

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Discover your dream job in digital is the new campaign of the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform in collaboration with the National Coalitions for Digital Skills and Jobs.

The objective of this campaign is to encourage students, young graduates and young professionals to pursue a career in digital and dismantle many stereotypes that persist about careers in tech. What do tech job roles actually mean? Is a career in digital more difficult to pursue? What kind of professional opportunities are out there?

Follow us to discover your future career in tech, and find out what countries all around Europe are doing to build awareness on tech jobs and trainings.

Let's reach the Digital Decade goals together!


Are you a digital Pro? Prove it!

Want to start a career in tech? Very good choice! However, why not take this test first, to learn more about your digital skills, discover what your level is and then take the next step to improve them!

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Learning tech & having fun: good practices

People in tech: meet our testimonials
Christina, a young woman with dark long hair, sunglasses, wearing a formal jacket and trousers and posing in front of a beautiful blue sea

I embolden companies, organizations, institutions to explore emerging trends in security and defense, cyberspace, market, research and innovation.

Christina, Greece
ICT Manager
a brown haired girl sitting on a rock while she  is on a hike and smiling at the camera

Hi, I am Iulia, a backend developer: I build software and always look for the best technical approach.

Iulia, Romania
Software Developer
Gonzalo, a young man with dark hair tied in a bun, a yellow jacket and trekking clothes walking with other people

My job with social impact and digital health companies is to help the business and technology departments communicate more effectively, in order to deliver projects.

Gonzalo, Spain
IT Project Manager