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EIT Digital Summer School "Cyber Security, between Tech and Business" Programme

About the programme

Cybersecurity is a growing field in the digital world as it is necessary to protect assets. Various sectors such as transport, energy, healthcare and finance are increasingly reliant on digital technologies for their core business activities. This programme aims to broaden their knowledge of cybersecurity through challenges, workshops, and lectures provided by cybersecurity experts. This one-week programme aims to address various topics in the field of cybersecurity from both a technical and business perspective and will happen in Lesvos, Greece.


Over the course of this programme, participants can expect to learn about the following topics:

  • Introduction to cybersecurity issues and challenges
  • Introduction to network security
  • Introduction to GDPR
  • Human aspects of security and privacy
  • Ethical issues when designing and developing secure and privacy-aware IS
  • Authentication and authorisation techniques in modern IT environments
  • Business continuity management
  • Critical infrastructure security issues
  • Cybersecurity awareness systems and programmes
  • Risk management
  • Legal and organisational challenges in modern industry
  • Data protection in the Internet of Cloud
  • Privacy impact assessment tools for businesses
  • The role of the Data Protection Officer in the GDPR era
  • Privacy and cryptography
  • Privacy in IoT
  • Security identity and access management
  • Security and privacy challenges in the 5G and 6G era
  • Digital forensics and incident response planning
  • Secure operations centres


The EIT Digital Summer School is open to young professionals as well as Bachelor, Master or early PhD students who want to further explore cybersecurity. This programme aims to teach participants how they can turn this technology into business and help them be innovators in this field.

Applications for this programme must be submitted by 1 June 2023.

About the EIT Digital Summer School

The EIT Digital Summer School offers a variety of programmes aimed at bachelor and master students, young professionals and individuals who want to dive into emerging digital technologies, learn how to turn technology into business and launch deep-tech startups. All educational backgrounds are welcome at the EIT Digital Summer School programmes.

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